Welcome to Premier!

Founded in 1999 by Robert Beale, Premier Property Management is a full service property management, marketing and consulting firm serving the conventional and affordable multi-family housing industry.

Premier Property Management (PPM) was developed in response to the rising demand of owners, government agencies, and mortgage lenders for experienced real estate professionals who will apply state of the art technology, in depth knowledge and high quality service in order to maximize the return on their real estate investment.

All members of our team are guided by our corporate values when we serve our residents and stakeholders.

Honesty: Recognized as unquestionably honest through our actions and deeds.
Integrity: Organizationally and individually to have the courage to do the right thing.
Commitment: Dedicating ourselves to success in the face of adversity.
Quality: Establishing a standard of excellence in all that we do.
Compassion: We believe that everyone has inherent worth and deserves our respect.
Balance: We are committed to doing the right work at the right time, in the right measure to create synergy.